Atlantic Trail - website updates


The initial structure of this website was created in October 2010
The table below lists changes made since April 2016 (most recent first).

Tamar Tootle Day     18/5/16,   ability to access bird/flower pages & .PDFs added
Tamar Lakes birds     18/5/16,   bird identification page (+ .PDF) added
Tamar Lakes flowers     18/5/16,   flower identification page (+ .PDF) added
bude2lakes     8/5/16,   Tamar Lake route description + links to it updated to version 5
Tamar Tootle Day     7/5/16,   ability to download A4 & A5 flyers added
Cycling routes     7/5/16,   Bude Bike Hire map descriptions updated + extra text/photos
Tamar Tootle Day     2/5/16,   detailed page for 22 May 'Tamar Tootle' added
Events     2/5/16,   updated, adding Tamar Tootle & Bude Lifeboat Run
most pages   12/4/16,   extra photos added
Cycling routes   12/4/16,   Inland route south from Marhamchurch redesignated as NCN304
New developments   12/4/16,   VéloWest route information added
Home page   12/4/16,   summary list of developments added
Events   11/4/16,   minor update to 14/4/2016 event
New developments   7/4/16,   now reflects developments to April 2016
Home page   7/4/16,   now mentions 2016 events (foot of page)
Events   7/4/16,   updated to give Spring 2016 activities
Updates   7/4/16,   all updates prior to April 2016 deleted